A Fair and Balanced Viewpoint

Batman: Year One
From Frank Miller's Batman: Year One

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But I still want you kids to stop stealing my WiFi and get off my lawn.

Update: All kidding aside, I've been under the impression that Miller was beginning to hold right-of-center Libertarian views ever since I read The Dark Knight Returns, and people who thought otherwise because he made fun of Ronald Reagan were missing the point. And it wouldn't surprise me if 9/11 nudged him to openly espouse more extreme opinions if his own beliefs had already become more uncompromising with the passage of time. So I find the shock expressed in some quarters over this unambiguous expression of ultra-conservative politics a bit odd. The one thing about Miller's post that caught me of guard was that the talented writer penned such a poorly worded, hippy-bashing, cliche-ridden response. The language he used is so crude it sounds more like self-parody than a serious statement. But I shouldn't, since this is admittedly what passes for thoughtful political punditry these days. So this paranoid screed fits right in with the rest. When placed next to his latest work Holy Terror or even 300, this looks like the genuine article without any outside editorial input filtering Miller's words.