Komikon 2011 Part 2

Go to PART 1 for more details.

Here are a few photos taken from the afternoon I spent at the 7th Annual Philippine Komiks Convention held at the Unilab Bayanihan Center.

Exhibit Hall, Komikon 2011

A few of the komik creators exhibiting at Komikon

Comic Odyssey, Komikon 2011Comic Odyssey, Komikon 2011

The section of the Comic Odyssey booth selling manga, and a few Western graphic novels from another vendor. Anyone looking to buy some defunct Tokyopop volumes could get them for a bargain.

Kurohiko, Komikon 2011

Pinoy manga from the Kurohiko table

Bayan Knights, Komikon 2011

The Bayan Knights superhero line from Sacred Mountain Publications

Trese, Komikon 2011Never Heard

Trese merch and a banner for Never Heard webcomics

Teddy Pavon, Work in Progress (WIP), Komikon 2011

Teddy Pavon selling print copies of his webcomic Work In Progress (WIP)

Happy Lockjaw, Komikon 2011

Komiks from the Happy Lockjaw table

Exhibit Hall, Komikon 2011

Another wide-angle shot of the Komikon exhibitor tables

Tony DeZuniga, Syeri Baet-Zamar, Komikon 2011

Tony DeZuniga being interviewed by Syeri Baet-Zamar

Tony DeZuniga, Komikon 2011

Tony DeZuniga prepares to leave the stage

Carlo Vergara, Komikon 2011

Carlo Vergara sketching

Tony DeZuniga, Komikon 2011Tony DeZuniga, Komikon 2011
Tony DeZuniga, Komikon 2011

Tony DeZuniga sketching with his portfolio

Gerry Alanguilan, Komikon 2011

Gerry Alanguilan signing copies of his award-winning graphic novel Elmer

Michael David and Melvin Calingo, Komikon 2011

Michael David and Melvin Calingo at the Point Zero Comics table

That's all for now folks. See you next year, or not.