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I've never bothered to sit down and look at my Blogger Stats before. But hey, there's a first time for everything and all that. My curiosity was recently piqued as to what posts generated the most incoming traffic. Rather than just listing the all-time most popular content, I broke it down to certain areas of interests. Now this blog is far from a major website that receives thousands of unique visitors a day, so the results are hardly indicative of general industry trends. Really, this is just a blatant form of wankery. Move along if you don't care.

I'll start with Filipino comics. By far the most popular komiks post is my takedown of the adolescent romance Love is in the Bag. I can think of any number of reasons for this, but at the end of the day this is the only book that seems to generate sustained online interest from an actual fan contingent. Reviews on other works seem to generate a temporary spike in popularity at most, then peter out to the occasional page view.

But "Bag" pales in comparison to my two-pronged attack on the terrible-to-mediocre Ninja Girls and Samurai Harem, my all-time most popular manga-related post (by contrast, a very distant second place is my review of the lovely Emma). It continues to bring in web traffic. I partially (or mostly) attribute this on pervert fanboys googling for nudie picks of Ibuki. Just as well, since this isn't my best written review. Its popularity doesn't negatively impact more recent material, which by themselves will generate considerable interest.

By far the most popular "alternative" comics post is my review of the excellent biography of the always controversial figure Louis Riel. But interest is flagging now. The popularity of these posts wax and wane, and are much more dependent on linking from other sites for incoming traffic.

My first, and all-time, truly popular superhero-related post is my summary of Captain Marvel's woes at DC. While older writimgs bring in traffic occasionally, my most popular material at the present tend to be the more recent ones, such as Incredible Hulk vs, Superman or Hellboy. As with manga, interest in superhero articles is strong, but cycles in and out quickly.

But according to Blogger Stats, The pound-for-pound champ, now and for all time, is my first post on the racebending controversy of the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie adaptation. I've since covered this topic repeatedly (this being the second most popular post), but I suspect that its popularity has less to do with my erudition (or lack of) on the topic than to Google Image Search and DeviantArt. The shipping is strong in this one.

Avatar: The Last Airbender:  Series finale.
Is this still technically shipping now that it's official? Via avatarspirit.net

That's all I will reveal.