More NonSense: 2011 Comic-Con Edition

Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Congratulations to all the 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards winners. The same goes for the recipients of this year's Inkpot Awards.

Matt Seneca on the decadent appeal of Geoff Johns to the hardcore fanbase.

John Parker on the mod-era Wonder Woman.

Jeff Trexler on the final victory of the infamous Comics Code.

A bevy of manga sites launched in time for Comic-Con: Square Enix Manga Store for North America, Viz Media Online Manga to celebrate its 25th anniversary (via Brigid Alverson), the JManga site "...which was created by a group of 39 Japanese publishers to serve as a manga portal... The site will include some series that were licensed for the U.S. and then dropped... and it will include a mix of well-known and lesser-known titles, in order to bring the latter to a wider audience." (via Brigid).

Top Shelf, Dark Horse, and Marvel announced their own digital comics initiatives.

Guy Delisle has a new book Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City.

Image announced a bunch of creator-owned projects.

IDW announced Will Eisner’s The Spirit Artist’s Edition.

Abrams announced The Art Of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist.

Marvel announced the return of Cable.

David Uzumeri on the Superman panel. They're making it way too easy to hate on Jonathan Caroll - what a douche.

David Uzumeri on DC's 52 titles relaunch panel. Speaking of, should it surprise anyone that no one came to the reboot protest?

Fantagraphics announced at its company panel that it will publish the EC Comics Library of William M. Gaines Agent, Inc.

Fantagraphics also announced plans to publish The Complete Zap Comix.

Andrew Garfield is the latest high-profile actor to claim for himself the nerd badge of honor.

Frank Miller, Holy Terror.

Superman, Supermuslim.

Kevin Keller is getting married. Let it be Archie Andrews.

Frank Santoro, wingnut.

David Welsh and this week's installment of Manga Moveable Feast: Fruits Basket.

Tom Spurgeon has a wrap-up for this year's Comic-Con.

ComicsAlliance summary of Comic-Con.

Milton Griepp's sobering analysis on the growth of the digital market, and the decline of the direct market.

J. Caleb Mozzocco on Comic-Con.

Ben Child looks at the geek subculture of Comic-Con from a more mainstream vantage point.

Deb Aoki on three manga trends to watch.

Kevin Church on the new DC and women.