More NonSense: Bad Philosophy vs. Good Porn

Ken Smith Comics: The Cave of False Consciousness by Shaenon Garrity.

Shaenon Garrity reads Ken Smith so you don't have to. Elsewhere she asks: Where have all the good porn comics gone?

All Things Considered covers the Reki-jo subculture.

J. Michael Straczynski continues the proud DC tradition of periodically destroying Wonder Woman's life. Good for you DC.

Marc-Oliver Frisch decodes the secret to Mark Millar's success:
Millar's brilliant shtick involves grabbing the reactionary self-loathing you find among many of the predominantly white, male, middle-class superhero (and, possibly, action-movie) audience by the balls and using it to his own advantage. His work speaks to the fears of being an emasculated loser and the resulting resentment against those to whose level you don't want to sink, those who are perceived to be even weaker and lower on the totem pole of society: women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals.

Feminists are putting the hate on Tina Fey.

Yamasaki Osamu (via Welcome Datacomp) tackles the wage discrepancies within Japan's anime industry.

If Tom Spurgeon's survey question could be expanded to list six superpowers, I would add healing factor/immunity to all disease, to my five choices.

Matt Maxwell and others say the future of comics is digital (and possibly on a tablet).

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. Finally. Read about it.

Thom Hogan argues passionately for a more modular, flexible, efficient, and web-oriented camera design.