Man Of Tomorrow

Did you know the never-ending battle began 75 years ago today? Comics would never the same.

Action Comics #1 (1938): Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Back then, Superman was a bit of a jerk to the rich and powerful.
Joseph Shuster: We were both great science-fiction fans, reading Amazing Stories and Wonder Stories in those days.

Jerome Siegel: When Joe and I first met, it was like the right chemicals coming together. I loved his artwork... I thought he had flair - though he was a beginner - I thought he had the flair of a Frank R. Paul, who was one of the best science-fiction illustrators in the field.

Shuster: And I was an avid reader of H.G. Wells -

Siegel: Right... Joe as well as I; and we were both reading the same type of material.

Joanne Siegel: In fact, the three of us were destined to meet, because we were kids all playing at being grown up, trying desperately to be grown up. And since that first day of our friendship, we're still together.

From a 1983 interview published in Nemo #2.
Action Comics #1 (1938): Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
standing up to the Man. Well, a man.
... So I ask you to please consider – do these mean spirited tactics meet with your approval? Do you really think the families of Superman’s creators should be treated this way?

As you know, DC and Warner Bros. have profited enormously from 72 years of exploiting Jerry and Joe’s wonderful creation. Superman is now a billion dollar franchise and has been DC’s flagship property for all this time.
Joanne Siegel in a 2010 open letter to Jeffrey L. Bewkes of Time Warner Inc. regarding the corporation's actions directed towards the Shuster and Siegel families during their protracted legal battle to reclaim the rights to Superman.
Superman and Lois Lane were created by and .  Lois was originally modeled by .

Action Comics pages referenced here.

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Update: DC confuses. Cleveland rocks.