Comic-Con Album Pt 5

Scott McCloud, San Diego Comic-Con International 2000
Scott McCloud conversing with a fan

Scott's table was located at the far end of the exhibitor hall that year, where he was promoting the sequel to his landmark Understanding Comics. This famous work was used as a textbook for one of the college courses I had enrolled in. But after coming face to face with him, one of my classmates noted, with some disappointment, that he didn't look like his cartoon avatar. He considered it to be a lot thinner and younger than the actual person. So I guess it's true. People under the age of twenty-one do think they're immortal.

On a personal note, I do consider Scott to be an important influence on my outlook as a comics fan. If not for creators like him pleading for a broader understanding of the medium, I probably would have "outgrown" comics a long time ago, like other people often claim. So meeting him a was kind of a big deal to me at the time.

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