More NonSense: A Noble Profession

Mitch O'Connell
by Mitch O'Connell
Roy Edroso's article in The Village Voice about the lack of financial rewards within the cartooning profession has raised some controversy, such as the newspaper itself not paying some of its own cartoonists. The Voice responded with an announcement that said cartoonists will get paid after all.

Tom Spurgeon questions the validity of some of the Edroso's arguments.

Tim Krieder writes a similarly themed article on the state of cartooning.

Jeet Heer on the racial poilitics of Harold Gray and Frank King. This is a continuation of an earlier article on racism as a stylistic choice.

Anja Flower on yaoi and inverted gender identity.

Erica Friedman on yuri.

Sunday Comics DeBT breaks down the narrative structure of cartoons.