More NonSense: Damn Yankees

I completely missed this news from last Friday, but as a one-time expatriate resident, I find it funny that in Maryland, the state that straddles the political/cultural divide between North and South, lawmakers have successfully petitioned to move to the Eastern Region of the Council of State Governments. I didn't even realize that Maryland was traditionally associated with the Southern Region in the first place, which says just how little I know. When I was living in Baltimore, my circle of friends was more likely to take trips to New York or DC than to Richmond, unless there was a Katsucon or something along those lines taking place. So I never associated Maryland with the South despite its geography. It didn't occur to my younger, more callow self to worry too much over the state's cultural identity. As far as I was concerned, America was still America, whatever the regional differences. If pressed, I probably would have identified Maryland as Mid-Atlantic.

Fantastic Four by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Vince Colette, Artie Simek.

Then again I was probably always more Yankee than Dixie. For that I blame the pernicious influence of the media, particularly comics.