More Nonsense


Rafe Bartholomew doesn't think that Manny Pacquiao should run for public office. The article is a strong indictment of the crooked nature of Filipino politics. But that's never stopped local celebrities before.

Michael Lind argues that the present international status quo will not change anytime soon.

Geek Toys

Nikon lenses graphical representation.

Fontcapture is a free web-based tool that will create a font from anyone's handwriting.

Thom Hogan and I want some of the same things. Speaking of which, I'm not above begging either.

Comics & Stuff

Power Girl with Flower

Shaenon Garrity writes about Power Girl's costume:
Again, I’m not criticizing the costumes. I’m criticizing these mealy-mouthed efforts to pretend the costumes aren’t what they are. Why do we try to force this stuff to fit our boring Earth logic? Porn movies don’t pause for a monologue about why the TV repairman forgot his pants.
The Eastern Edge discusses the decline of manga in Japan.