Bad Movies: 2012

2012 directed by Roland Emmerich.
Never ascend Mount Everest without the proper climbing equipment

Like all of Roland Emmerich's disaster movies, 2012 is full of spectacle but lacking in the "sense of wonder" aspect. Introspection was never the director's strong suit. Science and myth are cheerfully misinterpreted for plot convenience. Grandiose statements are delivered with hackneyed dialogue. But I liked this movie far more than The Day After Tomorrow. The unbelievably rapid sinking of the entire state of California was a lot more visually impressive than the deep freezing of the city of New York. The destruction of the world by what was basically a planet-wide earthquake had a certain sadistic appeal. Trying to outrace the ash cloud from the eruption made (slightly) more sense than trying to outrun slowly moving frost by hiding in the . is a preferable everyman to . And somehow managed to deliver with utter conviction the crappiest "rally the troops" speech Emmerich could force on an actor.