I Wish I had Taken more Pictures

Baltimore's great. It has about 100 worthwhile museums ranging in interests from the traditional Walters Art Museum and all those students sitting on the floor sketching to the Geppi comics place I hope to visit someday. It has been a career background character in the films of John Waters, and was the backdrop of the greatest television show. It has Atomic Books, Pimlico, Jack's Bistro, Lexington Market and Edgar Allan Poe's grave. Walk around the downtown if you can; ever since Denver turned over I've felt Baltimore is America's best preserved city in a certain 1950s-1970s "George Sprott" sense. If you're not from one of the coasts seek out a place to devour some seafood. - Tom Spurgeon
Ahh...Tom's making me almost wistful. I realized awhile back that I had no good pictures of the Walter's Art Gallery. Just one roll probably from a disposable point-and-shoot taken sometime after I first arrived. So perhaps I'll go back some day (I like to take photo-centered trips). It didn't really hit me until I lived in the similarly sized Brisbane that between events like SPX and Otakon, Baltimore is a very decent nerd mecca. As for the local sights: If you've got time, you could also travel north from the Inner Harbor to my old stomping grounds like the City Cafe, the Baltimore Museum of Art, or an alma mater to see what those snotty art students are up to. Or take a small detour via water taxi to Fell's Point if you fancy yourself as the more bohemian type.

And since someone mentioned John Waters, I recommend watching Pecker. While it's not his best work, its subject matter is about my personal obsession, and features the work of an old friend of mine.

 Baltimore skyline
 Baltimore skyline
Speaking of well preserved, here's a Bolton Hill apartment view